Securemme Keys

Securemme is a brand of key that’s fairly common in the British Isles and overseas. Unlike many other types of Italian key, these come in loads of different types.

The best way to see if we can copy your key is to write to us using the form below. Feel free to upload photos of both sides of your key and we’ll reply quickly with a price and a lead time.

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Securemme is an Italian brand of key with a large footprint in Britain. Generally, you'll find one of their locks in a high-security domestic front door. Most of these keys are dimple keys, usually with a black plastic top. They have holes/dimples drilled into the stem.

They also manufacture double-bitted keys, which look like Chubb keys, but with two blades. These are most often made entirely of metal, though some models have a coloured plastic handle.

Simply get in touch via the contact form above and we'll be able to advise on how to order a replacement key for your Securemme lock.

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