Potent Double-Bit Key

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Potent is an Italian lock manufacturer. They make plenty of double-bit keys, like in the photo above, to suit front doors and safes. Potent is big in Italy and France, though also has a decent-sized footprint in the UK.

At We Love Keys, we can make replacement keys for Potent locks purely from a photo! Simply upload a good photo using the upload tool above and we'll take care of the rest.

Potent keys can very in length, between about 5cm to 15cm. They're generally silver in colour, they have two blades (see photo above), and often one of the blades has a bump in it.

Potent keys can take up to a week to make, but they usually take 2–3 working days.

More about cutting Potent keys from a photo

To some it may sound a little crazy, but at We Love Keys we can copy many keys just from a photo. The result is as good as a key that comes straight from the main Potent factory, thus avoiding the inaccuracy that can come from copying keys in the back of a shop.

A clever algorithm assesses and measures the photo you sent and translates the photo into the cuts on an actual Potent double-bit key. An electronic key machine then makes the key.

Trustpilot Five Stars
"Brilliant to find a company that cuts a replacement key for an old lock from a couple of photos."Trustpilot

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