Meroni UFO Dimple Key

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Meroni UFO van locks are common throughout Europe, especially in the UK, Ireland and Italy. These slamlocks look like domes that stick out of your van door.

At We Love Keys, we can make replacement keys for these Meroni UFO3 Comfort slam locks in record time! Simply type the code marked on your key into the box above (you might need to slide off the plastic top to find the code) and we are ready to go!

These are so-called dimple keys: there are little holes drilled all along the key's stem. Most of the time, the plastic part is either green or black, though other colours exist. It normally says "Made in Italy" and "Meroni". Sometimes there's just the elephant logo of Meroni, and the word "UFO" is written on the other side.

All Meroni UFO keys have a code number written on them, too. The code is usually marked on the top of the key. If you can’t see the code, you might need to remove the plastic cap that covers the top of the key (see pictures above). Feel free to get in touch with us if you’re unsure how this works or if you can't find the code.

The key code is also written on a plastic code card that was issued with the lock (see photos above). It usually begins with PBA, followed by several numbers.

Some UFO locks use tubular keys instead of dimple keys. You can order Meroni tubular keys here.

Same-day dispatch on Meroni vehicle keys if ordered by 3pm on a working day.

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