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Bulldog is a brand of locks for vehicle and premises security (e.g. steering wheel locks, wheel clamps, bollards, padlocks etc.). It is very popular up and down the UK.

Most Bulldog keys are tubular keys (aka radial pin tumbler keys). They generally have Bulldog written on one side and a code number elsewhere. Often, the key has a coloured plastic top (typically red or black).

At We Love Keys, we can make copies of your Bulldog tubular keys on the basis of just a few photos!

All you need to do is upload a few photos of your key using the upload tool above. From these pictures, we’ll be able to make a replacement key. The type of images we’d need are shown below.

Bulldog tubular are keys generally dispatched on the same day, if ordered by 3pm.

We need three photos taken from the following angles to be able to duplicate your key:

Sample Yale photo
Photo 1: Lying flat on one side
Sample Yale photo
Photo 2: Lying flat on the other side
Sample Yale photo
Photo 3: From ‘underneath’

More about cutting tubular keys from a photo

To some it may sound a little crazy, but at We Love Keys we can copy many keys just from a photo. The result works as well as a key that comes straight from the main Bulldog factory, thus avoiding the inaccuracy that can come from copying keys in the back of a shop.

A clever algorithm assesses and measures the photo you sent and translates the photo into the cuts on an actual tubular key. An electronic key machine then makes the key.

Trustpilot Five Stars
"Brilliant to find a company that cuts a replacement key for an old lock from a couple of photos."Trustpilot

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