• Sudhaus Key 220

    Sudhaus Key 220

    £12.90 ex. VAT
  • Sudhaus 304 key

    Sudhaus Key 304

    £12.90 ex. VAT
  • Sudhaus Key 322

    Sudhaus Key 322

    £12.90 ex. VAT
  • Sudhaus Key 600

    Sudhaus Key 600

    £12.90 ex. VAT
  • Sudhaus S150 key

    Sudhaus Key S150

    £12.90 ex. VAT
  • S151 Sudhaus key

    Sudhaus Key S151

    £12.90 ex. VAT
  • Sudhaus S152 key

    Sudhaus Key S152

    £12.90 ex. VAT
  • S153 Sudhaus key

    Sudhaus Key S153

    £12.90 ex. VAT
  • S154 Sudhaus key

    Sudhaus Key S154

    £12.90 ex. VAT
  • Sudhaus Key S324

    Sudhaus Key S324

    £12.90 ex. VAT

It’s not always easy finding replacement keys for Sudhaus products, whether for suitcases, motorcycle panniers or other forms of luggage locks. That’s why, at We Love Keys, we aim to make that process simple and fast. While Sudhaus keys are no longer manufactured, we can still supply many of the keys. The most common keys are S150 and S324.

The key code, beginning with S, will be marked on the keyhole of your Sudhaus lock.

If you’re unsure which Sudhaus key you need, or if your key isn’t in the above list of products, please write to us or call us on (+44) 020 7608 0809.

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