”Help! I’ve lost my ABUS key! What do I do?“


Can’t find your ABUS key? Here are your options.

It’s not always the end of the world if you can’t find your ABUS key. Most locks are supplied with a code card, for example. We can usually supply keys just from the number on the code card, especially in the case of ABUS Plus and ABUS X-Plus keys (found in Granit locks and padlocks).

If you’re not lucky enough to have your code card, though, it’s pretty much the end of the line. ABUS never stamps key code numbers on its locks, only on some of its keys. This means that, without a code card or a photo of a key, there’s no information from which we can make any replacement keys.

If you’re unsure about anything, or if you’re not sure whether the code card you have suits the lock you need a key for, feel free to get in touch:

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